About me

I grew up on stories told in a lot of different ways. Through the love of books instilled by my mother, movies and games introduced by my brother and history ingrained by my teachers. Today, I’m building my life around these pillars and this blog shall serve as a written testimonial for that.

Throughout the nearly three decades of my life, several things had a severe impact on my life and taste. Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Times series made me love fantasy above all other genres.

The Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid video game series – which I started by merely watching my older brother play on the original PS1. Eventually I started playing them on my own and still love them to this day.

I wasn’t the only boy who started with Dragonball as his first anime but nothing changed coming-of-age me as much as Video Girl Ai. In regards to more action-based manga and anime, Rurouni Kenshin, Angel Sanctuary and – of course – Mononoke-hime also deserve an everlasting place in my heart.


So, this is *me*, in a sense, and what I posted thus far my serve as a litmus test for everything I post here in the future. My start on consoles may explain in parts why I never played some of the best PC games to date (though I still hope to some day rectify that) and my love for fantasy, history and stories in general easily explains why I’m not to big of a fan of shooters.


What I’m going to post here?


Thoughts, maybe some reviews and previews or a short report on conventions I’ve visited. I’m not entirely sure yet.


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