After my short Football Manager 2016 stream last night I decided to follow that one up with some blog posts, as I didn’t really explain all that much all that well. Also, writing is the easier task for me and gives me the chance to think more about what I want to explain.

Disclaimer: These post are merely meant for beginner’s and those unfamiliar with the rules of football and the tactics of the game. It’s also not an in-depth explanation of Football Manager 2016, but instead uses the images taking from the game to a) explain said roles and tactics and b) show how to find important information in the game itself. The latter one I’ll get to somewhat latter in this series of blog post, though.

2BvbQ.jpgMy first couple of posts will be about the different positions and their basic roles in the game. I’ll leave out the goalkeeper because their sole role is going all Gandalf on the ball. That’s it. Just make sure the ball doesn’t cross the line inside the goal. Which by the way is eight feet high and eight yards wide (2,44m by 7,32m).

Buuut to the defenders and their different roles. I won’t mention EVERY possible position and role, just the most common ones, starting with the very heart of your deffence:

The Defenders (red) and the Goal Keeper (green)

Center Backs (CB)

Their main goal – so to speak – is to counter the opposing strikers (more on their role later). Making sure the stirker a) doesn’t get the ball (through “Marking” him, making sure to not let him out of sight and intercepting any incoming passes or crosses (longer, often high played passes from either side of the field into the middle). If the opposing player does get the ball, they have to try to stop or intercept any additional passes or shots on goal.

Important “skills” of a CB are dependent of course on your playstyle and that of the team you are up against but in general you do want rather tall players who can intercept crosses easily. Important stats in-game would be:

Player stats of Mats Hummels (BVB Dortmund)


Notice his height being nearly 2m with a Heading stat of 15 and a Jumping Reach of 16.All stats are maxed out at 20, so those stats are exceptionally good.

Marking, Positioning and Tackling – all also highlighted and righter high are important to both stay near the enemies strikers (Marking), be where the ball will be played (like crosses, through-balls and such – Positioning) and of course stopping them from scoring or getting back the ball in general (Tackling) – either fair or illegally through fouling. Aggression plays a role in this regard as do your Instructions (more on those later).


Wing Back, Right / Left Winger (WB, W R/L)

Before going to much into detail concerning their stats, let’s first explain, what a Winger DOES. Running, mostly, all up and down the sideline, both with the ball and not. They are your crossers and the players who try to widen your gameplay and both be available for passes and MAKE crucial passes and crosses into the opposing teams box.

Wingers can be found both in defence as in midfield or even defence. I mention them here because there are way too many roles and position in those parts of your line-up.

Important stats for your Wingers (in every position basically) are:


emre can.JPG
Player stats if Emre Can (Liverpool FC)

Stamina, Work Rate, Passing and Crossing are some of the stats highlighted here. As Emre Can is a Defender, he also needs to be good at Tackling and Marking, more offensive Wingers won’t need those stats as much. A high Acceleration and Natural Fitness also go a long way as their main job is running. So the ability to be fast, change the direction of play on a whimp (Acceleration) for the entirety of the game (Stamina, Work Rate) are good stats to have. Natural Fitness just gives the player a boost to regaining their fitness between matches and help regain strength as soon as possible. Good to have in most players, reaaally good to have in a player with a high Work Rate.

Passing and Crossing obviously is what they’re supposed to do at the end of their run, so those stats are vital as well. Picking out the right target and time to pass (Decisions) also goes a long way, so as to avoid offsides (that rule will get its own post, promise 😉 ) or anticipate what their team mates are about to do.


Right / Left Defenders (D R/L)

Last but not least in this post and as a counterpart to the Wingers are the general Defenders on either side of the pitch. On contrary to your Wingers, their job is to assist the Center Backs in marking opposing players and stop them of making crosses and passes. Their crucial stats ar thus:

Player stats of Jon Flanagan (Liverpool FC)

Marking and Tackling in particular. That’s mostly it. Teamwork is somewhat important for everyone as are Stamina.and Positioning. Strength helps your side Defenders hinder the opposing players on making their passes/crosses by showing them onto their weeker foot (a specific instruction for your players as is Marking).


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