Managing time is hard

As my current job comes to a close and I get back to my old, regular book selling one, I one myself in a position I haven’t been in since January: I have idle time at home. For the better part of the last nine months, I have been on the road travelling through the country coaching my fellow coworkers and now I’m heading “home” to my old store.

So, what to do with all that time I now have and actually being at home in my flat? Well, finally getting to play all the games I “missed” this year, for one, and of course playing those that come out this holiday season. Then, the KRYSCHEN emag finally gets me back in full swing and I’m now catching up with my GamesCom articles, which should be online early November – which I know is very late but work comes first. Lastly, in terms of my “online persona”, I’ll finally start to seriously try out this whole YouTube and Twitch thing, meaning an actual schedule with planned streams and concurrent content on my account. Which honestly is both exciting and scary at once. But one has to start somewhere, right? Commentary will mostly be in English, with maybe one or two play throughs or let’s plays in German mixed in between.

Starting November (the 1st, actually) I’ll plan to stream both Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (continuing my progress so far) and a complete new save of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – despite already having played about 23 hours in my current run. But I’ve forgotten so much about the story and the controls that I might as well start over (again).
In addition to both streams, which should find their way to my channel as well, I’ll have a LP of both Pillars of Eternity (including The White Marsh expansions) and Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition on there as well. Which is a lot of content and a lot of work, but I think I’ll handle it. Still, keep in mind that I have a day job, which is super-busy during the holiday season, so there might be gaps despite all efforts 😉 No promises, just me trying to plan – which as soon of my friends know might not be my strongest suit.

So, see you after that spooky Halloween night. I’ll keep you posted when the stream will likely start!


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