It has been awful quiet….

First of all, my apologies. I’ve been “slacking” around in terms of internet stuff quite a lot lately and apart from the occasional retweet and my own thoughts, Even my two Let’s Plays on YouTube stopped immediately after they begun, which is a real shame. Overall, I have been reaaaaal quiet in the last…two months? I’m sorry for that and will try to explain a bit, what’s going on in my life.

As I might have mentioned one way or another, I’m travelling around Austria a lot these past months and apart from all the travel time involved (the longest trip took around six hours!) I’m working over-time quite extensively which cuts right into any spare-time I could have in all these cities. So, if and once I’m home, I mostly do the laundry, eat, watch some YouTubers oder Twitch-streamers and sleep. And that’s basically it. Seldom I have the energy or time to play something by myself (I got to play like three hours of MGS since Friday night and actually restarted Ground Zeroes). Not to mention try and record something to be put on YouTube. I mean, I know I’m still pretty bad at commentating and the whole “Let’s Play” thing in general but I’d like to have at least some kind of energy and concentration in those videos 😉

So, lots of stress for me, not much time at home and I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, which is great. Of course, I’m looking forward to not being on the (rail)road all the time and spent more than 12 days per month at home. To just sit down at night and play several hours of my favourite games just because I can. Because I’m not exhausted and don’t have to get up at six in the morning. Also I miss doing sport. So like, real-life workouts. I’m sure, I’ve gained about twenty to thirty pounds since the start of the year and I really don’t like that.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s all very exciting and fun to teach other people stuff, to see how they work and how the customers are in other towns…But after a while, I could really use a break. And with me going to GamesCom on my vacation, “break” isn’t really the right word for that time. And heck, I still haven’t finished half of the articles about the convention and it has been already a month since then…

Maybe I just should stop complaining and get to work 😉 For now, though, “real work” first and maybe afterwards a bit of “hobby work”…

On the plus side: I’ll be back in my old job starting November, so: right on time for the Christmas madness and not tooo far of. And I still have one week left of vacation, so….About seven weeks. With a break in the middle. That’s okay. I can manage that 🙂

And after that? Well, recharging my batteries and full-on attack on YouTube, the KRYSCHEN online magazine and all those juicy social networks 😉 And maybe read. And sleep. And stuff. Lots of stuff!


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