Vacation incoming!

It’s summer and therefore high time for a good long stress-free vacation somewhere nice without hords of people around me, just laying in the sun maybe reading and just doing nothing productive.

Yeah, no. After a two-years hiatus I’ll return to GamesCom in Cologne this year and will spent at least three days in gigantic halls with several thousand people. And all we’ll do is stand in line and wait to play or just see a glimpse of the games that will come out somewhere between the next several months or next years. It’s madness, crazy, hilariously busy and stressfull and I just love it. Nowhere else (at least in Europe) will you find sooo many people being that enthusiastic about a ten to twenty minute demo of something.

So, apart from standing in line, what’s the plan for me in Cologne? Doing some work for of course, after I neglected both writing and editing for the eMAG for quite some time now… Work is kinda crazy busy right now πŸ˜‰ Apart from that? Nothing I could talk about too much right now as not everything is fixed as of now. And then…

GamesCom does also mean meeting friends both in and around the convention and I’m really looking forward to that, too. As cool as living in Vienna may be (and the city is great and I’ve made some reaally great friends here), there are still several people I really miss and being in Cologne gives me the opportunity to meet at least some of them πŸ™‚

And after that, the high German north and my mum’s calling for me, so at least the second part of my vacation – hopefully – will be spent as it should be: doing nothing.

Apart from spending time with her, maybe visiting even more people I haven’t seen for like ages, playing videogames (hey there, PS Vita πŸ˜‰ ) and reading.

So, a bit over two weeks now and I’m off to Germany – really can’t wait πŸ™‚ And until then: more “real” work, maybe a biiiit video games and maybe even me streaming(?). We’ll see πŸ˜‰


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