AC: Victory no more (instead: top hats!)

After the rather problematic launch of AC: Unity last year and the early leak of yet another game in the series mere weeks later – when Unity players still suffered from bugs – Ubisoft had lots to make up for in the eyes of the public. Not publishing more games is of course stupid but learning from their mistakes and admitting them in the first place ist a good step in the right direction.

Why I’m writing all this? Because Ubisoft officially revealed said Victorian London set Assassin’s Creed game this week and everything in the presentation screamed “sorry” and “we’ll do better this time”. Which in my mind is a shame because despite all the bugs and problems Unity had, it wasn’t a bad game. In fact, it’s one of the best and way better in my mind than the last-gen AC: Rogue which was released the same time. Then again, the game run just fine for me and apart from pre day-one-patch problems and some connectivity issues with the coop mode I never suffered any problems during the whole game.

So,Jacob Frye Ubisoft just announced the next game – now called Syndicate instead of Victory –  and there are some things really different with this one: There won’t be a multiplayer. Like, at all. No competitive, no coop, nothing. Just pure single-player galore, which is fine for me. I mostly play the games for the story and setting anyway and that’s easier done alone than in a group.

Secondly, you actually will be able to play as a female character, as the main characters are the twins Jacob and Evie Frye. While for some missions you can choose with character you use, both will have some character-specific quests to probably dive more into their persona, history and character.

Lastly, apart from a pre-rendered trailer, the only thing Ubisoft showed off was pre-alpha gameplay. Meaning footage which is months old at least, if not years. So no backlash concerning overblown expectations concerning the graphics of the game. Which, for me at least, actually backfired. Showing footage that old half a year before release feels weird to me and as I don’t care for graphics THAT much, I’d rather see current gameplay with higher than actual graphics than old gameplay where it’s not clear how much of that gameplay is still in the game. But, that’s just me and I’m buying the game no matter what. So rambling about some issues I have with the presentation really is futile.

I mean, first, it’s an Assassin’s Creed game and I always get those until the point they really start to suck. Secondly, it’s set in London. It has top hats, really cool coats and did I mention that I really love Great Britain?

If you haven’t, you can watch the world premiere show here on Ubisoft’s youtube channel. And, of course, more information, screenshots and retail editions can be found on the official homepage. Knowing myself, I’ll probably get the Big Ben Case edition, even if the figurine doesn’t have the top hat but damn, I love those figurines x)


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