As I might have mentioned before, I’m a “Whovian”, one of those weird people who flinch at the sight of angel statues, are overly fond of the a certain type of the colour blue and always take a banana to a party.

Then again, even though the last season (“8”, only counting the ‘new’ Doctor Who) was aired last year already, I waited till this week to see it. In more or less one weekend. The problem now is….I don’t know what to do next. The next episodes are ways off (half a year roughly) but now I’m reaaaally into Who again and watching anything else than the Doctor kinda seems like…a waste?

So….do I start at the “beginning”? Or the beginning-beginning? Or just some random season/episode? Starting with the First Doctor would be good but isn’t easy. Even Netflix hasn’t all of the early stuff and finding the other episodes elswhere is tricky and time-consuming. Starting with Ecclestone’s Ninth Doctor would be way easier but I’m not sure I want to see those episodes right now. Something wants the revisit Matt Smith’s early stuff – season five and six – the whole River Song stuff. And…maybe that’s what I’ll see next.

But….”skipping” Ecclestone AND Tennant? For the one Doctor of the new era I probably “liked” the least? Well – he WAS good and a lot of the episodes were fantastic. But Smith….dunno. I can’t dedice.

Maybe I’ll just throw a dice or pick a card or something….Or maybe I DO watch something else just to get my mind off of it. So I don’t HAVE to choose? Well….I’ll let you know 😉 Maybe


3 thoughts on “Doctor…..Who?

  1. Oh go beginning beginning! I know it’s time consuming getting all the older stuff, but I’m sure it’d be totally worth it!
    If I could get my hands on ALL episodes ever made.. My life – would be amazeballs lol

    1. actually, I started with Eleventh Hour in the end. and am now at the Impossible Astronaut – such a great episode xD

      will do the beginning-beginning eventually though 😉

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