Why I hate ‘Shades of Grey’ (personal opinion)

Disclaimer: So, just to make this as plain as possible:

This is my opinion. It’s a personal perspective on a highly subjective matter. And as Voltaire (might actually not really have) said:

“I disapprove of what you say,but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

So, be kind to me even if my words may be rather harsh and possibly cruel.

I loathe ‘Shades of Grey’. Not just the movie oder the first book but the whole series and his mere existence in general. Why? Funny enough because of three reasons:

First, as an amateur writer, I can’t stand the fact that something as bad as this former fanfiction (which apparently was NEVER proofread by anyone) actually made it to the bookshelves. Let alone becoming as famous as this. Is there envy in this hate? Sure, I don’t even try to deny it. But seriously? There are THOUSANDS of luckless writers who will never have the chance of publishing because titles like this are conceived as “better”.

Second, as a reader, I don’t want to be flooded with trash literature like this while other titles fall of any radar imaginable. Yet again: there are LOADS of better books who will never see the audience they deserve because the media focusses on stuff like this. And while I’m quite good at finding new titles I could be interested in, it’s just sad that ‘Shades’ seems to be THE most important thing around right now and EVERYONE jumps on the bandwagon. Really, it isn’t. No one should even read the books. As far as I’m concerned burning them doesn’t seem that bad.

Lastly, as a bookphilic, I always want to recommend books I love or like. Which is hard with a series with so many problems (read here). ‘Shades of Grey’ is not a BDSM series. It’s about abusive behaviour, stalking and overall the unhealthiest relationship imaginable. Love stories shouldn’t be like this and there ARE good and consenting relationships with BDSM. ‘Shades of Grey’ isn’t one of them and seeing it becoming a role model for it is both disgusting and saddening.

So, I want good books to be written, read and be spread around. Not badly written and badly researched fanfictions based on an also badly written series and bad example for healthy relationships.And I don’t even want to spend even more time on explaining the reasons for my disgust. I know I – and many more – could write better, I know there are better BDSM books out there and seeing both getting wasted sucks.


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