Unfinished Business (AC Unity short review)

(Disclaimer: as with all reviews, there might be spoilers ahead)

So, last night I ‘finished’ the storyline of Ubisoft’s newest current-gen pearl, Assassin’s Creed Unity. Why the quotation marks? Because it doesn’t feel like I actually ended the story. Not because of some major cliffhanger or something. The baddy is dead after all, right? Well, yes (and no) but that’s not the point.

Maybe it’s because the problems of the French Revolution aren’t dealt with to the end, meaning Napoleon’s ultimate end of reign after 1815? Or at least the Congress of Vienna the year before? Could be one of the reasons, but this is Assassin’s Creed and it’s ultimately about the Pieces of Eden.
Though Arno wields the Sword of Eden and the text saying that its power was broken, we KNOW that Napoleon had – at least while his reign – an Apple of Eden. That is if Ubisoft doesn’t change their story too much.

And then is the question Élise is asking in one of her (really touching) letters: what does happen with the Templer and Assassin Order? There must to be at least one Templer still around and kicking. And we know that two of the Assassin masters are alive as well. Does Arno return after all he saw, did and was done to him?

And speaking of what Arno did: he still needs at least one child and in the end, maybe that’s the real unfinished business I still have.

After Ezio taking three games (and an animated movie) to finally become a father, I expect that Arno’s story isn’t quite done yet. Others may call it ‘milking the franchise’ now but Ubisoft is known to stretch stories over multiple games by now. Ezio, Desmond and even Altaïr if you’re counting Bloodlines had three games in total. The Kenway family also had three with the whole North American saga spanning over five games.
Surely one of the best known revolutions/wars prior to the World Wars can’t be told in only one game, right? And Napoleon as a mere sidekick? From a French publisher?

Ubisoft, you’ve unfinished business, go get to it 😉


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