Best SciFi shows I haven’t seen (yet)

With quill18’s Board game playlist running right now I thought I’d share some of the best SciFi shows with you that I never saw. Or just some more or less entertaining ones. Your choice 😉

And as it’s kinda obvious I’ll start with….

Battlestar Galactica

A show which is kinda on my radar for a while now but somehow I never got to it. The biggest problem may be that I’m not sure where to start. Do I have to watch the original series to understand the plot or the little inside stories and jokes? Or is it okay to stay with the reboot (like with Doctor Who)?

And then there are those other seasons/reboots/… things tied to the series but maybe not core to the series? It’s a bit confusing, really. [mid-PS: start with the 2003 ‘miniseries’, aka the two pilot episodes and you’re good. Again, thanks quill]

Then again, it seems to be quite entertaining and a long running series with lots of action, intrigue and just stuff. And everyone who knows me will know, that the argument can be made that a show with Grace Park in it can’t be bad enough to not enjoy it at least a bit….(sorry ladies, I swear I’m a nice guy. I just have my weaknesses^^)


I know, I’m a terrible person and not just should be embarrassed but humiliated and whatnot to not have watched the mere eleven episodes of the potentially best series that was ever cancelled after just one season (and a movie).
But… I don’t know. There really is no excuse. Well, I don’t own the DVDs/Blurays, but yeah…. I’ll get to it, promise.

Stargate: Atlantis

To be clear: I DID watch the original series – at least until the really confusing death/resurrection/whatever of David. That stuff was just weird. And the whole Atlantis plot and crew? Dunno, never really clicked with me. Just give me the original deal and I’m quite happy and content xD

Star Trek: Enterprise

Yet again some clarification: I watched and liked (at least partially) every other Star Trek series – even the Janeway-infested Voyager. I dealt with the Borg, Q (whom my mother HATES) and species 8472. But Capt. Archer? No, thanks. Just terrible and ugh.


Another one of those ‘tried and failed’ series. For some reason I just couldn’t stand the Captain and was just a bit too irritated by a holographic computer looking like a photo model. Otherwise…. dunno. Didn’t like it enough to watch more. Maybe it IS actually quite good and I missed out? You tell me 😉

So, that’s five SciFi shows and though I actually started Battlestar Galactica since writing this post, I know I have a LOT to catch up to… well, one after the other.


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