Owning a tablet (vs. a laptop)

Disclaimer: This won’t be a review. I won’t post the specific tablet model I own nor will there be photos of the tablet.
This is merely an experience report of someone who just got his first tablet 😉

So, I own a tablet now and apart from it being an Android device and me being otherwise an Apple-only guy I can’t really complain. It does what it’s supposed to and after some (prior) research even the OS problems are solved. Which consisted of two questions: how do I get my files from my MacBook to the tablet and how do I synchronise my iCloud calendar with the built-in calendar by Google.

The first answer was easily answered: Android File Transfer for Mac. Just download and install, nothing else required. The latter was a bit more tricky. First I tried a tablet app solution which just failed miserably. But as ever, Google knows everything and the answer was found in an apple forum.

But enough of all that. Getting started was easy as hell, finding all the initial apps I ‘need’ just a bit harder and getting used to the interface is still a bit weird at times but overall I’m using it every waking and free minute. Which brings me to the next big question:

As said, I do own a MacBook And a pretty old one as that (early 2008). Though it does still run like a kitten, I do eventually want a newer OSX machine. But does it need to be a moveable (i.d. laptop-y) device or should I get an iMac for better hardware or at east a larger screen?

I do love the tablet – though I will be switching to an iPad eventually must for OS-simplification. And with a screen which is large enough to watch videos at, to chat and do other basic internet things, for what would I need a MacBook for?

So, tablets yay, Laptops nay? I’m still not sure. I’d like an OSX system to play the some games at – like Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis – which means I do need something more powerful as I have now but it doesn’t have to be high-end. And if I can hook up my system to my TV, screen size wouldn’t matter as well.

Guess I’ll have to visit an Apple store and see what the real difference is. Because right now all I see is “it’s mobile” vs. “it’s stationary”.


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