Changes, choices and… courses

This will be just a little personal update after I haven’t written anything in weeks.

‘A lot’ happened in these weeks, which means ‘just a few more or less little things I normally wouldn’t consider small talk material.

My last school block is approaching and while I’m feeling quite good about the whole affair I couldn’t be happier once I’m through with it. Even if I’m not returning to the store I’ve worked at these part three years. I’ve agreed to transfer to a new one which opens Mid-June and I’m quite excited about that.
But it still needs time getting used to and the thought of having my last days at my current store is saddening.

Calling it mixed feelings would be an understatement.

In other news I quite my ‘job’ at ps4-magazin after figuring out that I’m just not interested in gathering news and basically copying them to another platform. I want to write original content, my own opinion, reviews, previews, thoughts or just stuff like this. Translating an article, posting some pictures and linking to the source seems way to dull for me. And the longer I tried to do that the more it seemed like a waste of time for me. And that’s while I spend my time watching Let’s Play or play video games I already played instead of reading or playing new games.


But with all that I actually do something productive, even if not as regularly as I liked. Learning Spanish via duolingo. It’s quite fun, I like the concept, the “level” system and basically everything. It seems more like a video game than like a language class and while I miss every other day I thing I do make progress. Slow progress but progress nonetheless and I enjoy it.


So, that’s it for today, I hope I’ll return soon with a actual topic to write about and I’m sorry for this rather dull post about myself šŸ˜‰


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