I like big books and I cannot lie

As promised my reason for not having ‘must reads’ coming out this year. Or also called “all the books I should be reading right now while doing…. loads of other stuff. So without much further ado, here’s my pile of books I’m currently reading and still have to read:

Frank Herbert Dune: That one is mostly because of a colleague’s possible departure this summer and my promise to finish it before she leaves. I mean, it IS a must-read for every Sci-fi fan and probably for everyone as well but it wouldn’t be quit as high on my list otherwise.
Great soft-Sci-fi novel, which is to say it’s full of political and religious themes. Highly philosophical and just overall a great book that isn’t as hard to read as some would make it.

Robert Jordan & Brandon SandersonThe Wheel of Time: I’m currently at book 11 which is prior to Sanderson’s involvement (as a matter of fact, it’s the last book done completely by the late Jordan) but it would be unfair not to mention Sanderson at all.

Only four books left in this series for me and with all the stuff I’m reading right now, I just don’t progress – at all. I really love the series and maybe something in me just doesn’t want to finish but then: I DO want to know the ending. And if I wait even longer before continuing I might as well start over completely as I’ll have forgotten everything….

WoT is a high fantasy series very much in the style of JRR Tolkien. So much so that it’s starting nearly the exact same way but evolves to so much more. Intrigue, war, friendship, necessity evil for a greater good and a lot of characters with way too many secrets from each other make for a great, great series every fantasy fan should try. Especially Tolkien fans.

George Orwell1984: Another of those ‘classics‘ and maybe THAT one book which is now scarrier – and closer to truth – than ever. Been reading it for a while now but it’s really not easy – and it shouldn’t be. Will finish it eventually but my focus right now is definitely on Dune.

The dystopian novel is the source of “Big Brother is watching you”. Hyper-surveillance, mistrust and degredation of language, speech and thought are the center of the book, but not all. Even amidst a world so dark, there’s still hope – as long as there are people believing in – and fighting for – their freedom.

Those are the “major” books I’m trying to read right now. Also on the list are – but not very high – are the Star Wars: Old Republic novels, Samantha Shannon’s The Bone Season (a great mix of Orwellian dystopia and fantasy elements – and NO LOVE STORY so far, so yay!). Speaking of classical dystopian novels, I still have to read Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 (and everything else by him, but starting with that one) and Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange.

Fantasy-wise I still want to read George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series (but not before finishing WoT), Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller series, Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series and basically soo much more that it’s hard to know where to begin.


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