Let’s Play

I love playing games and I have lots of games I could play (more than a year of PS+ does leave a mark 😉 ). But sometimes there are times I don’t wan to actively play or the games are on certain platforms I don’t have (XBOX, Wii, PC), so I just can’t play them without spending money I don’t have.

The solution to all this is pretty easy: Let’s Plays. There is a HUGE community of Let’s Players on YouTube and they cater to every wish and need. To those this post is dedicated, even if all I’ll do is basically saying that I like their work. But there you are.

My first ‘real’ LP channel I subscribed to was tetraninja and I’m actually not sure what my first video there was. the first series I watched was Pokemon X/Y. Since then I’m mostly staying around for everything Metal Gear and Assassin’s Creed. Not because I can’t play them but because it’s actually quite funny and interesting to see someone else play and comment on a game you played yourself.

Especially Deus Ex: Human Revolution which I played quite different on so many levels.

The other YouTube channel I just recently found is quill18. SimCity brought me to him but I guess I’ll stick around for Crusader Kings II and Civilisation V. Both games I own but my MacBook is just too old to handle them. There’s also Hearthstone, Tropico and other series I’ll watch. But right now, it’s mostly them.


So, I do watch Let’s Plays – and all lot in the last weeks and months. Mostly to entertain myself (apart from movies or all the TV shows I could/should watch). And maybe (not sure about it) I’ll start making Let’s Plays of my own. They won’t be good ’cause I’ll have to work with the share/stream option of the PS4 but well: you have to start somewhere and I guess I will.


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