Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (en)

 As head of security of Sarif Industries, Adam Jensen makes himself a lot of enemies in a very short time. Being one of the pioneers in the augmentation of the human body, Sarif tries to take down the human boundaries even further. Just as Megan Reed, Adams girlfriend and Sarifs most important scientist, is about to bring augmentations to a whole new level, her laboratories are being attacked. Adam, trying to protect the scientists, their work, and above all the woman he loves is nearly killed by the augmented intruders. Only a multitude of operations save his life and his true story of vengeance begins.

As a prequel to Deus Ex 1 – which I still have to play completely (shame on me) – the guys at Eidos Montreal had a hell of a job. It wasn’t just getting the franchise to the HD level, it was meeting the fans expectations while making a modern game new fans would enjoy to play.

And they succeeded, in my opinion. A intense setting, with a gorgeous art design and a superb soundtrack mixed up with a hero he never asked for to be (pun intended) make a game worth a place in the game of the years short list. Buy and play the game, buy the soundtrack and while listening to it ask yourself where human life begins, ends, and what problems the enhancement of the human body adds to that question.

Earlier this year, SquareEnix and Eidos Montreal announced the extension of the series with what they call the “Deus Ex: Universe” – with books, comic books and video games (both console and mobile) to come.


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