It has been awful quiet….

First of all, my apologies. I’ve been “slacking” around in terms of internet stuff quite a lot lately and apart from the occasional retweet and my own thoughts, Even my two Let’s Plays on YouTube stopped immediately after they begun, which is a real shame. Overall, I have been reaaaaal quiet in the last…two months? I’m sorry for that and will try to explain a bit, what’s going on in my life.

As I might have mentioned one way or another, I’m travelling around Austria a lot these past months and apart from all the travel time involved (the longest trip took around six hours!) I’m working over-time quite extensively which cuts right into any spare-time I could have in all these cities. So, if and once I’m home, I mostly do the laundry, eat, watch some YouTubers oder Twitch-streamers and sleep. And that’s basically it. Seldom I have the energy or time to play something by myself (I got to play like three hours of MGS since Friday night and actually restarted Ground Zeroes). Not to mention try and record something to be put on YouTube. I mean, I know I’m still pretty bad at commentating and the whole “Let’s Play” thing in general but I’d like to have at least some kind of energy and concentration in those videos ;)

So, lots of stress for me, not much time at home and I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, which is great. Of course, I’m looking forward to not being on the (rail)road all the time and spent more than 12 days per month at home. To just sit down at night and play several hours of my favourite games just because I can. Because I’m not exhausted and don’t have to get up at six in the morning. Also I miss doing sport. So like, real-life workouts. I’m sure, I’ve gained about twenty to thirty pounds since the start of the year and I really don’t like that.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s all very exciting and fun to teach other people stuff, to see how they work and how the customers are in other towns…But after a while, I could really use a break. And with me going to GamesCom on my vacation, “break” isn’t really the right word for that time. And heck, I still haven’t finished half of the articles about the convention and it has been already a month since then…

Maybe I just should stop complaining and get to work ;) For now, though, “real work” first and maybe afterwards a bit of “hobby work”…

On the plus side: I’ll be back in my old job starting November, so: right on time for the Christmas madness and not tooo far of. And I still have one week left of vacation, so….About seven weeks. With a break in the middle. That’s okay. I can manage that :)

And after that? Well, recharging my batteries and full-on attack on YouTube, the KRYSCHEN online magazine and all those juicy social networks ;) And maybe read. And sleep. And stuff. Lots of stuff!

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Strawpolling my next character’s class (FFXIV)

So, I know that it isn’t really that important (as you can play ANY role and job and class and whatever) in Final Fantasy XIV as soon as you hit Level 10 – so, after maybe two to three hours of solid gameplay and leveling. And I already have several characters in the game. I actually started a Let’s Play with a female Miqo’te tank not too long ago (the playlist with the first five videos can be found here).

Buuuuuut, I actually wanted to play as the new race implemented in Heavensward, the Au Ra and I just got that expansion last weekend, sooo I want to “start over”, kind of. Meaning, I’ll still play my trusted black mage on Shiva (he’s Level 54, you just don’t “trash” a character like this ;) ). But yeah, I actual want to start a let’s play or just stream the game a bit and that’s easier with a new character than an old one. And it serves as a refresher for me concerning the earlier tales of the game.

And yeah: after getting back into it, I’m just a “bit” addicted to the game again, so I want to play it as much as possible x)

Sooo, if you would be so kind as to help me decide WHAT type of character I should play, I’d really appreciate a vote


to decide on the MAIN job/class the character should have. This would also decide the starting city so choose wisely ;)

And if you want to play with my old character (Aiden Kestrel) or my for now unnamed new character, just leave a message, tweet me or just send a tell ingame ;)

See ya!

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Vacation incoming!

It’s summer and therefore high time for a good long stress-free vacation somewhere nice without hords of people around me, just laying in the sun maybe reading and just doing nothing productive.

Yeah, no. After a two-years hiatus I’ll return to GamesCom in Cologne this year and will spent at least three days in gigantic halls with several thousand people. And all we’ll do is stand in line and wait to play or just see a glimpse of the games that will come out somewhere between the next several months or next years. It’s madness, crazy, hilariously busy and stressfull and I just love it. Nowhere else (at least in Europe) will you find sooo many people being that enthusiastic about a ten to twenty minute demo of something.

So, apart from standing in line, what’s the plan for me in Cologne? Doing some work for of course, after I neglected both writing and editing for the eMAG for quite some time now… Work is kinda crazy busy right now ;) Apart from that? Nothing I could talk about too much right now as not everything is fixed as of now. And then…

GamesCom does also mean meeting friends both in and around the convention and I’m really looking forward to that, too. As cool as living in Vienna may be (and the city is great and I’ve made some reaally great friends here), there are still several people I really miss and being in Cologne gives me the opportunity to meet at least some of them :)

And after that, the high German north and my mum’s calling for me, so at least the second part of my vacation – hopefully – will be spent as it should be: doing nothing.

Apart from spending time with her, maybe visiting even more people I haven’t seen for like ages, playing videogames (hey there, PS Vita ;) ) and reading.

So, a bit over two weeks now and I’m off to Germany – really can’t wait :) And until then: more “real” work, maybe a biiiit video games and maybe even me streaming(?). We’ll see ;)

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It has been FINAL-ly announced!

Roughly ten years after Square Enix trolled showed the world the opening cinematic of Final Fantasy VII as a tech demo to demonstrate the power of the then upcoming PS3, the trolling, stalling and asking is finally over.

Final Fantasy VII will be remade. Completely and for PS4 (and XBox One and maybe even PC?!). The new trailer is….well, watch for yourself (if you haven’t already):

It’s not the same cinematic and Square Enix hinted at possible alterations both to depth of the story as to the gameplay mechanics. At the end, they didn’t say much. Which is good, because the game is still in development and is still yeeears in the future. But: It’s coming and I’m excited to pieces.

In the end, it’s Final Fantasy VII. It shaped my youth like millions of gamers world-wide. Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Sephiroth and all the others are legends among all the video game characters and the game itself is considered as one of the (and by some THE) best RPG of its time – and well beyond. I can hardly wait for any other news concerning it’s well…production and I’m definitely in favour of more or less any changes they want to make. Important for me are the characters, the world, the soundtrack and the overall story. And nothing about that will change in a mayor way. They’ll maybe deepen it, explain some plot points better (or at all) and – maybe? – even include elements of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII – meaning Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus. THAT would be even more perfect but yeah. Mostly wishful thinking by me.

Educated guesses or actual fact presentation have to wait a while longer. But once more: It’s a remake of Final Fantasy VII. I really don’t care how long I have to wait for it ;)

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Same procedure as last year…

It’s that time of the year again. Early June: the time of summer vacations, end-of-term trips and binge-studying and just one more thing. The E3 starts in a week, the rumours and early announcements are already running amok and both Steam and try to empty our wallets with massive sales (gog already started its summer sale, Steam will follow shortly). 

My vacation is still ways of and half of it centres around GamesCom, so more or less just additional work but after last year’s mess and my last visit in Cologne (and Germany in general) pretty long ago, I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t try to jinx it, so I won’t say anything else at this point. 

Rather lets talk video games while I’m in a train through Austria and on the same day Apple has its latest keynote and will probably announce more stuff ‘no one needs but everyone buys’. (I quite like Apple, by the way, on the brink of being a fanboy for some, but more on that maybe another time.)

So, while I’m somewhere else in the country half the time, it’s hard to stay even halfway up to date with my backlog of games (or books and TV series…). Especially considering one of them is a Final Fantasy game (Type-0 to be precise) and the other The Witcher 3.  Both damn good games in there own regards but with the later by far the superior one. 

It’s story, gameplay and just the sheer size and beauty of its world is just mind-blowing. I still haven’t played the first two games (only having a half-decent and still not good enough PC since January, more – again – on that later)  But as they’re based on novels and I’m travelling a lot right now, it’s only natural for me to at least get a bit of a background that way. 

Even more so as they give me the chance to read something in German again as I mostly read English literature and that as much as possible in the original version. 

So, I have played maybe seven to ten hours of this behemoth of a game and enjoyed every moment of it. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes the game that good and even harder – at least at this point – to say what ISN’T good that I’m left speechless. The only flaw I see is my own and the lack of understanding I have of the storyline, all the silent and obvious references to the books and prior games. I think I get some of them but only to an extent and maybe that’s what really drives me to play and read The Witcher

After Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and Assassin’s Creed this may very well be the next story-driven series I enjoy no matter what. (I play more than those, but these are my favourites – and I know the lack of certain games says a lot ;) once again: no PC.) And with this one I have original books and videogames to explore, which is just perfect. 

So, I’m in the middle of the second book right now and somewhere in Velen in the game. Meaning right at the beginning of the quest in both regards. Sapkowski’s writing is great, filled with wonderful humour, some rather explicit scenes and speech and overall an enjoyable light dark fantasy series. 

Light because it’s not a horror story. It’s just set in a rather harsh and unforgiving world with an “hero” at its helm who not only works for money but also doesn’t kill dragons and is far from the image of a Prince Charming. Which I like far more than the alternative. Geralt is way more human in that way than the dragon slayers of old and way more likeable.

And the stories itself? Well, the first books (The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny in English) are mostly short stories loosely connecting to a bigger picture. Quite nice and easy to keep track while reading/playing/doing other stuff. 

But enough talk of that. I’ve rather missed the topic of this post. And need to get out of the train soon anyway. So, really nothing new right now. Lots of trains, never enough time to read or play games and them every-growing industry with more news, sales and announcements. It’s quite a vicious circle but a great one.

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AC: Victory no more (instead: top hats!)

After the rather problematic launch of AC: Unity last year and the early leak of yet another game in the series mere weeks later – when Unity players still suffered from bugs – Ubisoft had lots to make up for in the eyes of the public. Not publishing more games is of course stupid but learning from their mistakes and admitting them in the first place ist a good step in the right direction.

Why I’m writing all this? Because Ubisoft officially revealed said Victorian London set Assassin’s Creed game this week and everything in the presentation screamed “sorry” and “we’ll do better this time”. Which in my mind is a shame because despite all the bugs and problems Unity had, it wasn’t a bad game. In fact, it’s one of the best and way better in my mind than the last-gen AC: Rogue which was released the same time. Then again, the game run just fine for me and apart from pre day-one-patch problems and some connectivity issues with the coop mode I never suffered any problems during the whole game.

So,Jacob Frye Ubisoft just announced the next game – now called Syndicate instead of Victory –  and there are some things really different with this one: There won’t be a multiplayer. Like, at all. No competitive, no coop, nothing. Just pure single-player galore, which is fine for me. I mostly play the games for the story and setting anyway and that’s easier done alone than in a group.

Secondly, you actually will be able to play as a female character, as the main characters are the twins Jacob and Evie Frye. While for some missions you can choose with character you use, both will have some character-specific quests to probably dive more into their persona, history and character.

Lastly, apart from a pre-rendered trailer, the only thing Ubisoft showed off was pre-alpha gameplay. Meaning footage which is months old at least, if not years. So no backlash concerning overblown expectations concerning the graphics of the game. Which, for me at least, actually backfired. Showing footage that old half a year before release feels weird to me and as I don’t care for graphics THAT much, I’d rather see current gameplay with higher than actual graphics than old gameplay where it’s not clear how much of that gameplay is still in the game. But, that’s just me and I’m buying the game no matter what. So rambling about some issues I have with the presentation really is futile.

I mean, first, it’s an Assassin’s Creed game and I always get those until the point they really start to suck. Secondly, it’s set in London. It has top hats, really cool coats and did I mention that I really love Great Britain?

If you haven’t, you can watch the world premiere show here on Ubisoft’s youtube channel. And, of course, more information, screenshots and retail editions can be found on the official homepage. Knowing myself, I’ll probably get the Big Ben Case edition, even if the figurine doesn’t have the top hat but damn, I love those figurines x)

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Der Hexer aus Riva (Gedankenfetzen)

Verfilmungen von Büchern sind ein bekannter Anblick und sind seit Jahrzehnten ein fester Bestandteil unserer Filmgeschichte. Auch Adaptionen von Comics, Videospielen oder anderen Medien sind nichts Außergewöhnliches mehr. Und spätestens seit Warhammer, Warcraft und in den letzten Jahren auch Assassin’s Creed sind auch Romane zu Videospielen nichts besonderes. Sie bereichern, vertiefen oder erzählen einfach ihre Geschichte erneut mit ein paar neuen Informationen.

Was man jedoch nur sehr selten sieht, ist der umgedrehte Weg. Ein Videspiel zu einer Buchreihe? Und das ohne den passenden Film dazu? Recht erstaunlich, vor allem, wenn man die Tatsache dazu nimmt, dass es sich um eine der besten und beliebtesten Videospielreihen seines Genres handelt. Die Hexer-Reihe von Andrzej Sapkowski hat genau das geschafft und ist mittlerweile wohl besser als The Witcher bekannt. Interessanterweise sind sogar nur die ersten beiden und der neueste Roman der Reihe auf Englisch erschienen und sind ansonsten gerade im deutsch- und polnisch-sprachigen Raum bekannt.

Ich bin mittlerweile beim zweiten Band der Buchreihe (Das Schwert der Vorsehung) und genieße es durchaus. Der Schreibstil angenehm zu lesen, die kleinen Einschübe bekannter Märchen und Fantasiegestalten ist sowohl witzig als auch spannend. Inwiefern die Bücher jedoch mit den Spielen zu tun haben, kann ich nur bedingt sagen. Zumindest das Introvideo aus dem ersten Spiel ist 1:1 aus dem ersten Band (Der letzte Wunsch) übernommen. Die Spiele selbst habe ich noch nicht gespielt und sollte es vielleicht, bevor Ende des Monats The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt herauskommt. Denn wenn die Spiele nur an die Bücher angelehnt sind – wovon ich bislang ausgehe – ist es fraglich, wie viel ich wirklich verstehen werde… Andererseits bin ich gerade mehr in der Laune nach einfacher Lektüre und die Tatsache, dass ich die Bücher auf Deutsch lesen muss, da ich die Originalsprache nicht spreche und es sinnfrei ist, die ersten beiden Bände auf Englisch zu lesen.

Vielleicht schaffe ich es noch, in den nächsten zwei Wochen ein wenig in die Spiele reinzuschnuppern und mir zumindest ein wenig die Story durchzulesen, damit ich nicht völlig ahnungslos in die dritte Runde einsteige. Und nebenbei natürlich weiter die Bücher lesen ;)

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